The AWW Retro Cookbook

The Australian Women’s Weekly Retro Cookbook delivers vintage culinary delights from the 50s in a book  of beautifully styled photography and retro design. The photography of the dishes in this   300 + pages of recipes  coax the eyes and heart to follow the simple to follow home style recipes set out in the AWW tradition.

My pick from the book comes from the ‘sinfully sweet’ section. Nestled  in amongst the Black Forest Soufflés and Ganache Meringue is this rendition of Chocolate Raspberry Tart – my starting point and definitely my recommendation as a really delicious crowd pleaser at any dinner party.


With simple and easy to follow instructions this book is perfect

for kitchen novices and those amongst us who yearn for the un-fussy taste of yesterday.

Guest Blogger and Photographer:

Helen, Digital Producer , The Co-op Bookshop








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