Great expectations: keeping your parents pleased

Keeping your parents happy is not only a challenge, it can be downright impossible. The reality is that your parents’ happiness is not entirely dependent on you (no, their world doesn’t revolve around you either!), and while there’s absolutely no way you can keep them floating along on cloud nine, you should at least try to keep them somewhat subdued.

Let’s face it, we all need a little help in this department, and if your family’s anything like mine, these are the top tips you’ll need to keep the folks at bay:

    1. If you miss a call from one of your parents, call them back! Otherwise, you may end up with the lovely image below (don’t diss Chace, he’s a babe) not to mention a seriously nasty glare when you get home.
    2. If you live with the ‘rents, try to keep your room at some level of cleanliness; maybe vacuum occasionally?
    3. Do your own ironing: I do mine on a fairly regular basis, but my sister? Not so much. She does her ironing every 4-6 months, and this makes mum MAD.
    4. If you’re not living at home, but can visit, try to make it a fortnightly thing. It’s frequent enough to avoid the ‘why don’t you visit’ talk, but it’s also not short enough for them to nag you about everything (grades, food, clothes, money, your job, etc.).
    5. If you need to tell them about something bad (e.g. failing a subject), be sure to tell them something good at the same time (e.g. getting a new, better job). It’s all about balance after all.
13 missed calls

Oops… Sorry mum!

If you’re an international student, or have come from a rural area, just remember that while you may be missing your family, at least no one’s hounding you about assessments, or going out too much, or what you’re wearing, etc.

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To sum up, criticism is how we grow and learn, so take what you can onboard. But remember: chocolate solves everything.

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