The Co-op. New name. Same commitment.


Shawn Carter changed his (to Jay-Z). So did Katheryn Hudson (to Katy Perry) and Lizzie Grant (Lana Del Rey). Now, we’ve changed our name, too. From The Co-op Bookshop, to… (drum roll)… The Co-op.

It’s not quite as dramatic as Alecia Moore (Pink), but it heralds a whole new era and better reflects what we do.

Back in 1958, the students who founded us just wanted a cheaper way to get text books. Now, of course, we sell backpacks, headphones, picnic baskets, stationery, clothing, audio, software – you name it! Certainly, a lot more than just books.

So, the word ‘Bookshop’ just didn’t fit comfortably with the great choice of products we now offer.

The change is happening January 2013, with a fresh new logo, brighter colours and an update to our website and stores. We hope you like the new name and logo: let us know what you think!

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