The Comfort of Lies

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers immediately swept me into the web of a passionate yet toxic ‘never-gonna-happen’ relationship between Tia and her married lover, Nathan. With the constant hope and belief that Nathan will leave his wife Juliette for her, everything is carrying along as a ‘regular’, deceitful affair should…. until Tia falls pregnant. Nathan turns a blind eye and abandons Tia, until five years later when Juliette  intercepts a letter containing a photo of a five-year-old girl with a striking resemblance to Nathan… and all is revealed.

Tia, Juliette, and Caroline (adoptive mother of Tia’s child) are the three women directly affected by this affair. Through a complex network of crossover chance meetings and interlinked storylines, the women’s lives and dealings with the issues are followed in detail, resulting in a rounded point of view from each party.

Riddled with secret and hidden truths many regular people struggle with, The Comfort of Lies yanks back the covers to reveal the damage of infidelity and damning consequences of hurtful lies to loved ones. Raw, unashamed and riveting, the novel makes for a read that may take a little while to digest. While at times I found it difficult to connect with the characters, I feel this disconnection was perhaps to the book’s advantage as it allowed a fair and rounded portrayal of each character. Well-written, the novel held my attention and crafted out many cleverly thought-out storylines, however I never really found myself completely emotionally invested.

Overall – a solid and enjoyable read with a satisfying ending.

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