The Courtesan’s Lover

If you loved His Last Duchess you’ll love The Courtesan’s Lover By Gabrielle Kimm! I’m not usually into lovey-dovey romance titles, but I seriously couldn’t put this book down.

The main character Francesca Felizzi is a courtesan. She’s good at what she does. But an unexpected, inexperienced patron changes her life! She starts to realise that her life is empty and in reality she is lonely…..she’s just doing it in lavish style.

One of her regular married patrons is invited to a play, his wife is more than reluctant to go, so he invites Francesca along and she poses as his freshly widowed cousin (just incase someone asks). It is at this play that she attracts the eyes of a widower and falls madly in love with him…..only thing is he is the father of the unexpected, inexperienced patron.

All hell breaks loose. Her children get kidnapped by his other son (who is slightly evil), her beloved kills a man, she gives up being a madam and sells her glittering sumptuous lady lair for a more demure life in order to find the missing part of her life.

I really enjoyed it. For 500 odd pages it looks a little daunting but I got thru it in about 3 lunchtimes and a Saturday.

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