The End of Everything

Dare I say it, but this new title from “pulp fiction”, “noir” queen, Megan Abbott, might just be the one to propel her into the needy grasp of book clubs and best-seller readers everywhere?

The End of Everything, unlike her usual queens of crime and black dahlia killers, is set in the 1980s – drawing comparisons to Jeffrey Eugenides’ “The Virgin Suicide”.

Adolescent best girlfriends, Lizzie and Evie, hang out deliriously together until suddenly one of them goes missing.

Lizzie is left to find her friend.

The End of Everything just arrived in my store today and I wish I could go home immediately and devour it as I did all of Megan Abbott’s more Chandler-esque titles.

I predict Abbott is about to cross over from her underground cult following into the mainstream market because she sure knows how to craft a throat-gripping tale.

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