The Girl on The Train

I commute to work so this tensely written, observant thriller was a grippingly good read. I could not put it down and this is the only time a lengthy commute is a blessing – it meant more time to read this amazing book! The Girl on The Train is a fast-paced thriller and début novel by Paula Hawkins that will hit shelves this month.

The Girl on the Train is a British crime thriller, with great characters and a good story. It’s tense, enthralling and full of backstabbing and betrayal, detective work and healthy dose of mistrust and uncertainty. It’s a brilliant read.

Rachel is a hot mess… still reeling after her husband left her for a younger woman, she commutes back and forth between London and Easton. She’s not going to work, she’s already lost her job and struggles with alcoholism. Instead she watches the world go by and fantasises about the beautiful couple who live in a townhouse that overlooks the train line. A townhouse on the street she used to live on. Through her imagination, ‘Jess’ and ‘John’ are the golden couple, but when Rachel sees ‘Jess’ in the arms of another man, her fantasy is ruined. Then ‘Jess’, whose real name is Megan, goes missing in suspiscious circumstances.

Megan is found dead and the pool of suspects consists of the neighbours… and Rachel.

There’s a killer on the loose and Rachel has a pretty flaky alibi for the night in question – not to mention that she blacked out and has no memory of the night. Playing amateur detective, she tries to pinpoint who could be Megan’s killer before it’s too late… Going behind the backs of the police, Megan’s husband and her ex-husband, Rachel confronts the dangerous situation she has fallen into and races to solve a murder before her own life is put at risk.

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Told from the point of view of three very different and complex women, The Girl on The Train races along plot wise. Compelling and gritty, this is a trio of unlikable but ultimately redeemable heroes, and a thrilling murder mystery that is a true page turner. If you liked S.J. Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep, then this is an excellent book to read next.




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