The joys of being an adult

Going all Peter Pan on us and wishing you could stay a kid forever? Fear not! There are some awesome aspects to being a grown-up…

Exams or Lack Thereof – Running under the premise that you’ll be graduating soon and not a mature student, you will never have to take another exam again! Once you finish your final uni exams, you are done and filling out bubbles in a 2B pencil becomes a thing of the past.

Food – While we know a healthy diet is really important, there are some days when you just can’t manage anything more technical than cereal for dinner.  And you know what, as an adult you can have cereal for dinner and popcorn for breakfast, it’s all good.

Clothing – Or, not just clothing but personal expression in general. High school might have been very regulated in its uniform (and haircut/colour restrictions) and the beautiful thing about being an adult is that you can wear whatever you want! Should you want to dress like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, then hey, you can! Just check out our Pizzazz Facebook page for some seriously eccentric fashion inspo.

Travel – With a car or a passport, you can go pretty much anywhere. Put aside a bit of money every week and you’ll be jetting somewhere sunnier in no time! Travel by yourself (it looks very mysterious and sophisticated), take your mates or jump on a tour and meet someone magic.

Disney – Oddly enough, this is the one thing that will never go out of style no matter your age. The classic Disney movies get a new element of feminism and double entrendres that honestly weren’t there when you were six, and the newer Pixar films still have the power to get a branch in your eye with their awesome plots and characters.

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Responsibility – Is there freedom in responsibility? I guess there is – there’s definitely a sense of pride in earning your own money and certainly achievement in keeping your house lights on for a full month and not being plunged into darkness by the electricity company. One of the biggest things in becoming an adult is (whether you actually want it or not) accepting a huge amount of responsibility for yourself, your career, your lifestyle and to a certain degree, others (like partners and kids).

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