The Kingmaker’s Daughter

The Kingmaker's DaughterAs a huge Philippa Gregory fan I was not dissapointed. They are actually making this story into a mini series in the UK. (just quietly I’m a little excited….can you tell?)

The Kingmaker’s Daughter tells the story of Anne and Isobel Neville. Daughters of Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick the most powerful man in all of England, apart from the king. Richard Neville has secret ambitions to put one of his daughters on the throne to become queen of england.

He marries them off to wealthy brothers of the present king but tragedy strikes. Their worlds are thrown into upheaval. It becomes sister against sister and sisters against thier own mother in the battle for good, evil, the crown and survival.

In reality very little was documented about the Tudorian woman (unless you were the queen) as they were seen to be less important than the male counterparts. I love how Philippa Gregory writes from thier points of view and the struggles they partake in.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants something a little juicy with a hint of truth behind it (Philippa is a historian professor in her own right also).


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