The Last Day of My Internship

Over the last couple of months, I’ve learnt a lot about marketing, social media and books! Interning at the Co-op Bookshop has been a wonderful experience and I’ll go away with valuable knowledge about social media marketing and some great memories. This was my second internship while at uni and was the most enjoyable and I hope what full-time work will be like.

I think that the biggest misconception about internships is that the intern is personal assistant to virtually any employee at the workplace, getting coffe and bringing in the mail. This is just wrong! My internship has seen me use my brain, make up content and complete various tasks while working in an ever-changing environment. I’ve loved researching and writing blogs, looking at all types of books, meeting and working with some wonderful and friendly people and working in the industry that I’ve been studying for the last 3 years!

I have to say though, the best thing about my time here is that it’s re-ignited the passion I had for reading at a young age (before all-nighters and set readings!) and I hope to continue reading as much as I have been lately. I’m so thankful that my good friend Grace, from uni, recommended this internship to me and I’d like to do the same for you. If you’re thinking of doing an internship they’d love to have you and, take my word, it’s the best experience!

Guest Blogger: Emma, 3rd Year Student at the University of Wollongong majoring in Marketing and Advertising, Co-op Member since 2010, Social Media Intern.


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