The Last Girl

The Last GirlThe Last Girl by Michael Adams is yet another good Australian set YA début novel for 2013.

It’s the end of the world as we know it – and telepathy has taken over. Only problem is that it turns out not everyone is telapathic, and if you’re not, well you’re in a bit of a situation, although you won’t know you’re in a situation as, well, you’re basically comatose.

If you are ‘lucky’ enough to be telepathic like our heroine, 16 year-old Danby, then you’re in for a bit of a shock. Faced with the graphic death of loved ones, you have to knuckle down, face the challenges and, well survive…

Like: It’s set in Sydney and I love it when you can immerse yourself in a book that little bit more because you know the places, even streets the characters explore.

Like: the fact that while there is a supernatural element it’s not the central focus of the story – the focus is on people and their ability to readjust and to a certain extent evolve.

Dislike: the name ‘Danby’ – it’s a combination of the parents names, Daniel and something… so so twee.

So to sum up my review, considering the story, my two likes and the one dislike, if you’re looking for something to read along the lines of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began Series give The Last Girl a read.

For a different perspective (albeit biased) Adams discusses The Last Girl in this little YouTube clip, but if you don’t have time to watch it the key take out is that the book is “a near-future young adult sci-fi apoclypse” and it’s book 1 in a trilogy with book 2 already written and book 3 in progress.

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While The Last Girl is Adams  debut fiction he has previously been published in his (I wish it were my idea) book Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies in which he watched 1 bad movie a day for a year so if YA fiction isn’t your thing then maybe consider giving it a read (having read it there is a warning that you may be inspired to watch some REALLY bad films in the interest of opinion comparison).

The Last Girl by Michael Adams is released October 2013.

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