The Man Plan


Hey there – Kerley here. Stoked to have my first ever book The Man Plan now in Co-op stores around Australia. Some of my best memories of University were lining up to buy text books at my Co-op*.

That aside, you can probably do some detective work with that tertiary education of yours and realize it’s a book for men, and something to do with planning. Basically it’s like an Arts degree (50% learning, 50% having a laugh) of getting your life together as a bloke. The idea being that most of us guys have a good amount of our life sorted but there are generally a few average areas that could do with a spit and polish. That’s where the experts come in; offering shortcuts and insider tips on how to get ahead in the areas you’ve always been behind in.

For those studying more scientific and numeral based degrees and like things a little simpler-

Any Male + The Man Plan= 100% manprovement

There’s a bunch of impressive recipes so simple that you can do them drunk. (You’re at Uni so you’re probably drunk as you are reading this…)

A heap of info on mental and physical health with some seriously good tips on dealing with depression (insert appropriate depression joke here…still looking for one)

Plus dirty shortcuts on:

  • Relationships
  • Career planning
  • How to set up a pad/kitchen when you move out
  • How to pick a suit
  • How to AVOID being a Bogan
  • Sex

Thanks legends and good luck with your degrees!


* May contain traces of dishonesty. Actual best memories may not be relevant here.


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The Man Plan


James Kerley is not only the author of The Man Plan, he’s also a  TV host – you may have seen him on Cash Cab, Nikelodeon and Balls of Steel. For more from James head across to his website.

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