The Name of the Wind

The Name of the WindPatrick Rothfuss pulls us into his world of action, romance and mystery as we follow the adventures of budding arcanist and born entertainer, Kvothe, as he sets off to discover the name of the wind. The Name of the Wind, part one of the ‘Kingkiller’ trilogy, excites our imagination as Kvothe overcomes the many perils and hurdles life has thrown at him. From surviving the massacre of his trouper family by the infamous Chandrian, to dealing with the distraction of an elusive lover and the challenges of life at the University, Kvothe is caught in an epic adventure. All the while Rothfuss spins an irresistible story filled with suspense, leaving us hanging for the sequels in order to uncover the truth behind the rumours surrounding ‘Kvothe the Kingkiller’.

This is a story of how legends arise, tales are exaggerated and heroes are made.

Rose, The Co-op Bookshop University of Canberra

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