The One that I Want

I actually picked up The One that I Want by Allison Winn Scotch by accident, but I quite enoyed it.

Tilly Farmer is 32, married to her only ever boyfriend, living in her hometown, trying for a baby and works as the high school guidance counsellor.¬†On a random afternoon she goes to the school fair (think end scenes of Grease) where she runs into an old middle school friend who just happens to be the fortune teller. Her friend gives her the “gift of clarity” but she soon finds out its a curse!

She starts having strange visions that come true, but these visions are not always clear. She doesn’t know the context of them until they are happening in reality, and by then its too late to stop what is about to transpire.

Suddenly Tilly’s perfect life is turned upside down and starts crumbling around her feet. An old family secret emerges, her husband leaves her and her sister goes missing, only to wind up in the hospital with missing toes.

It was better than I expected – an in between juicy books, book.

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