The Pink Hotel

The Pink Hotel by Anna Stothard

A 17 year old flys from England to LA for her mothers funeral. Doesn’t sound overly odd or out of the realms of normality, right?

At first I thought I was crazy reading this book, you never know the name of the narritive main character, which kind of makes it hard to connect to the story.

At her mothers wake, she takes a bath in a strange hotel room, steals a suitcase full of her mothers possessions and high tails it to the boadwalk. And from here it just gets wierd. Inside the suitcase she finds a lot of love letters, maps and correspondance from her mothers ex lovers. She proceeds to track each one down to give back the letters…and then sleeps with them (eeewww)

She meets a lovely guy, David, who is a recovering alcoholic and they quickly fall in love, move in together and have a life of domestic bliss. But David soon falls off the wagon and they have a huge fight and she doesnt understand why. The same day she is admitted to hospital with food poisoning where she remains for several days and he empties the apartment they have been sharing.

I’m not going to tell you the ending but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to go to jail…or the fact she was pregnant and didn’t know it…or that her inhertiance was given to her even though she is under age.

Not the best book I’ve read but it kept me amused during lunch this week.

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