The Poison Garden

The Poison GardenThumbs up to the cover on this one, The Poison Garden by Sarah Singleton, and it turns out to be a great reason not to judge a book by its cover cause this YA book was disappointing. It also seems even the editor got bored of it, with a few mistakes slipping in towards the end.

The story launches and you’re at a funeral, in come the main characters, and some stuff happens, then all of a sudden there are carts and gas lamps and I think this is what really annoyed me … first. There is no time context given on the back of the book, nor anything in the actual story – it was only when I added the details to the Co-op Online that I found out it was the 1850’s (don’t worry I had guessed it was set in ye olde times). Another annoying factor is the inconsistency with language and the authors attempts to make the book more sophisticated than it needs to be (it comes across as wanky – really who uses the word avuncular in a novel for 11 year olds?).

So in summary, awesome cover but don’t bother with what is in between the covers – unless you are 11.

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