The QR Walls

Earlier in the month I let you know about our second semester QR Walls in the post Off the wall.

The walls have helped many uni students get their texts without queuing, or even having to shop during store trading hours. As a bonus, those who try this new way of shopping and check out with PayPal have been treated to a limited $10 cash back offer.

If your book is on the wall there is still time to scan with your app and buy in a snap and get the PayPal cash back.

Now for a trip around the country…

Macquarie University

University of Sydney

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

University of Western Australia

University of Melbourne

La Trobe University, Bundoora campus

Australian National University (ANU)

University of Canberra

Griffith University, Nathan campus

University of Queensland, St Lucia campus


What do you think of the walls, and would you shop this way? Let us know what you think.

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