The Queen of Crime

Dame Agatha Christie is the queen of crime. Her novels are a fine web of murder, deceit and intrigue and her famous detectives, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot solve the most difficult of cases.

Agatha Christie published almost a hundred crime novels and short stories that have been published worldwide and adapted for film and television. Each crime is perfectly contained, the prose gripping both in its description of detective work and her commentary on post war Britain.

A few of my favorite mysteries…

A Murder Is Announced

The sleepy village of Chipping-Cleghorn is thrilled when a notice appears in the local paper – ‘A murder is announced and will take place at Little Paddocks, 7pm’. What is thought to be a night of frivolity turns dire as a real murder is committed. Miss Marple investigates a crime of double crossing, seeing but at the same time not seeing, where all the main players are not who they say they are.



Evil Under The Sun

Hercule Poirot is meant to be resting at a health spa on an island, but who can resist solving the impossible crime? Arlena, a glamorous actress is murdered on the island, but everyone has a rock solid alibi. Poirot pieces together a crime of deceit, where what you see wasn’t exactly what happened and time is of the essence. This novel was a fantastic read, with sharp clues that keep you guessing.



The Murder on the Orient Express

Poirot is travelling on the Orient Express when the train is trapped in a snowdrift and a passenger is stabbed to death. The clues left behind by the murderer points to twelve different suspects, with hidden identities and a thirst for justice driving the mystery at a great pace. The Murder on the Orient express is Agatha Christie’s most famous novel, another impossible but brilliantly solved crime. The BBC film version with David Suchet and Jessica Chastain is exceptional.

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