The Raising

The RaisingThe Raising by Laura Kasischke is a bit of a brick, and I did get sucked into the potential of the novel – “From the very first sentence, The Raising absorbs you into its strange, intense world …” is the start of the marketing pitch on the proof – I should have taken this in and stopped reading when the first sentence didn’t absorb me. It did peak my interest “The scene of the accident was bloodless, and beautiful.” – as did the first chapter, and then it just got boring. Laura Kasischke has tried to tell a story via the past and present and through the eyes of a variety of characters, and it doesn’t work. I got to page 93 of 461 in about 10 lunch breaks, and as much as I like to see things through, my reading pile is too big for crap so I am pulling the bookmark out (as a side I started reading another proof at lunch today and got to page 32 so note to self – if I can only read 10 pages a lunch time I should stop).

If you do want to give it a try there are two guys Craig and Perry, a girl Nicole, there is an accident (bloodless and apparently beautiful) and Nicole dies – is Craig a murderer? Or is something else going on? Add in a witness to the accident who is being ignored, a anthropology lecturer who specialises in the cultural significance of death going through a personal crisis and you have where I got to … the anthropologist was my favourite part – such an underrated area of study/profession.

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