The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Jennifer E. Smith’s The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight  = LAME. It is the equivelant to the bowl of coffee beans at the perfume counter to neutralise the nostrils ready for the next scent.

I was really unimpressed by this novel. It jumped back and forward too much and sometimes you can skip pages ahead and still know whats going on. The title is pretty poor as the 2 main characters Hadley and Oliver do not fall in love at first sight.

One is going to a funeral….and one is going to a wedding in London. They both end up taking the same flight and by sheer coincidence end up sitting next to each other, spend the whole time talking and of course the cliche falling alseep on each others shoulders, that then leads to a kiss.

Hadley leaves her fathers wedding to gate crash the funeral Oliver is attending just to see him. She becomes insainly jealous of the girl who has an arm across Oliver’s shoulders and turns to run off just as Oliver sees that she is there. He chases her out into the street, they talk and he saunters back to his ex-girlfriend (shoulder girl), then he leaves his fathers funeral and heads to the wedding reception.

And thats probably the best part of the book.

The rest is angst driven adolescent  dribble.

The whole time I was reading this (all 2 hours) all I kept thinking was didn’t Sweet Valley High do a book exactly like this back in the day??

I would however recommend this book to a pre-teen girl with a decent reading level but anyone else would call it an “in between book” – the book you read when you don’t want anything heavy to read, and is something that doesnt overlap your normal read.

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