The Third Space

The Third SpaceThe Third Space from Dr Adam Fraser is a new release title, and our Book of the Month pick for July.

It’s a self-help philosophy book with an introduction from Stephen Lundin, Professor of Business at Griffith University, and author of the bestselling business book FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results.

The Third Space isn’t a book about work or home and how to improve things – it’s about EVERY space, and the space we should be putting in between them to get the most out of all the things we do.

Sound a bit confusing? Luckily Dr Adam has recorded this clip to explain the concept:

Now that you’ve watched this and you know what the third space is you may be thinking “I get it, so why do I need the book?”

If you’re like me you need the book to take you ‘offline’ and stop you multitasking. The book will make you focus on it, and, in turn actually give ‘the third space’ a go.

It’s written in a really easy to read approachable style and demonstrates the concept in use in different scenarios. I also like the summary of take outs at the end of each chapter.

So, next time you see someone sitting around with a blank look on their face, they may not be having a scrubs-moment, instead they are in their third place get ready for what comes next…

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One thought on “The Third Space”

  1. Katrina says:

    Just finished reading this book and it seriously could not have come at a better time. As a working mum I really struggle to move between my roles as an employee and a mum and to switch my brain so I tune out of work, focus on my kids when I get home and actually be present mentally when they want some quality time in the evening. This book taught me that it is possible fill both roles well, without compromising on either. Not just full of theories but great practical advice, I have started to apply some of the techniques and it has really made a difference.

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