The Times World University Rankings

If you’re currently studying, or deciding which uni to apply for next year take a look at the Times Higher Education World University Ranking that have just been released for 2012-13.  Congratulations to the six Australian uni’s that made it in the Top 100 –  a fairly impressing number considering the number of uni’s world-wide and the size of the Australian population.

The unis are rated on 13 different performance indicators which add to an overall score – the #1 position went to California Institute of Technology in the US with a score of 95.5 (out of 100)!

So what were the top raking Australian unis?

#1 (world #28)

University of Melbourne

#2 (world #37)

Australian National University

ANU on Facebook

#3 (world #62)

University of Sydney

University of Sydney on Facebook

 #4 (world #65)

University of Queensland

University of Queensland on Facebook

#5 (world #85)

University of New South Wales

UNSW on Facebook

#6 (world #99)

Monash University

Monash on Facebook

Out of the Top 100, but still in the Australian Top 10 are:

#7 (world #176) University of Adelaide 

#8 (world #190) University of Western Australia

#9 & #10 (placing somewhere in the #251-275 world ranking) Macquarie University and Queensland University of Technology

If you’re currently studying at one of these uni what do you think – does you uni deserve the ranking?

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