Not your typical ‘AHHRGHH BRAINS’

Remember how the world fell in love with the ridiculously glittering vampires in the Twilight films? Well, goodbye neck biting and hello flesh eating! As vicious as that sounds it’s clear that our taste in what drops our jaws and keeps us coming back week-after-week is changing. It’s safe to say that you’ve heard of The Walking Dead TV series… that’s right, the one with the overflowing zombie population and the police officer that just can’t die.

As a long-time zombie lover (having collected all of the awesome POP! Vinyl Characters) I became wrapped up in the television hit without even thinking about where this amazing idea came from. The story began back in 2003 as a collection of comic books. It went on to receive the award for the best continuing series at San Diego Comic-Con International back in 2010 and is now the TV show that brings in viewers by the millions.

I’ll be honest, I thought the TV show was getting a bit flat with the introduction **possible spoiler alert: of the eye-patched villain, The Governor. It just seemed too Peter Pan for my liking!**

This persuaded me into giving the books a chance and to see if, for the first time ever, I could finish a comic book.

With the odd sex scene and a few F-bombs I was definitely hooked. Although the story line follows the same track as the TV series, in between the characters voyage off into unknown territory. It was surprising and refreshing because I really didn’t want to read what I had already seen in the show. The pictures are of amazing quality! If you are lacking a creative bone in your body I can promise that you are going to feel a bit more self-conscious about your stick figures drawings after these books. Not only does each zombie look unique but the characters, landscapes, weapons and carcasses are exactly how you would imagine.

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Although it’s fair to say that I do enjoy the books, what’s a review without pointing out the flaws? The TV show definitely ruins your connection to the comic books series. Not only aren’t all the characters in the books, like our favourite tracker/redneck/zombie killing machine Daryl, but there’re loads of different love interests that just didn’t sit right. I felt like it was incredibly difficult to want a character to survive in the books. Rick’s meant to be the guy that’s going to save the day but for some reason I could wish for nothing more than for him to lose an arm to a starving zombie child. When a character dies on TV I would be mourning for a week as if it was a family member, but in the books sometimes I wouldn’t even realise they were dead. Each to their own, but if you’ve watched every episode of this massive hit than you might be left feeling a little disappointed.

Has this at all tainted my love for these ugly human-eating creatures? Definitely not. In a show where the title ‘The Walking Dead’ refers to the characters and not the zombies, it’s much more than the typical ‘AHHRGHH BRAINSS’. For me and millions of people around the world, this zombie infection is yet to be resolved!

Guest Blogger: Bradley is an over-excited and sometimes charismatic journalism graduate from UTS. He enjoys talking people’s ears off and taking #selfies you can connect with Brad here – Instagram: @bradbirnie, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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