The Wardrobe Girl

This book is fun! Usually I like to believe there is a classier version of me that is above chick lit, but alas, that’s not going to happen! The Wardrobe Girl is fresh and fun and I’m thoroughly enjoying this beachy, romantic and hilarious new novel from Jennifer Smart.

Tess Appleby has returned home from living in London after a bad break up, swapping her job as wardrobe Madame on a BBC costume drama for a sunny, Sydneyside soap opera called Pretty Beach Rescue. However, like a true soap opera – she bumps into the smoking hot leading man of the show, Sean Tyler, who is deeply attractive and a bit flirty with her. Of course in this flirting, Tess manages to cross Bree Brenner, the bitchy lead actress. Then, as if it couldn’t get any worse, her team mates are in a boys club that like to throw around insults and innuendo and the new director of the show is her ex-fiancé, Jake. Oh the drama!!! Tess is trying to build up her new life and leave her completely hopeless-in-love love life behind. However, she has to navigate the politics of small screen soapies, family drama in the form of her monstrous sister, her “I was once a very famous actress” mother, and the love triangle with her ex (has he really moved on?) and the hot soap opera star! She made a vow on the first day of work that she wouldn’t have another relationship with someone she worked with, but when it comes down to it, can she really keep this promise?

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The Wardrobe Girl is great – it’s witty, sharp and very funny. Tess has this snarky, sarcastic sense of humour that’s easy to relate to and a soap opera theme that packs in tons of drama and romance, as well as a fab behind the scenes look at a fast paced TV show filled with sun, surf and hot lifeguards 😉

Seriously, give this book a try if you’re a lover of chick lit and romance, or needing a funny, easy read that lets you hold onto summer that little bit longer before the weather slides to bleakness again.

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