Through the Cracks

Through The CracksThrough the Cracks is the new crime novel from Australian author Honey Brown.  I was pleasantly surprised with Dark Horse, the first Honey Brown novel I read, and I’m pleased to say that she delivered again with this one.

A short synopsis is this: behind the walls of a regular suburban house something other than regular is happening. Nathan lives with his Dad, but he doesn’t live with his Dad. He lives in the backroom. A room not attached to the house. A room that is locked from the outside. However, one day things change and the world that Nathan has known his whole life spirals out of control. Luckily, Nathan has Billy to help him through the change …  (you don’t get anything else as that would mean **spoilers**)

Set in suburban Melbourne, Through the Cracks is a crime novel about and told from the perspective of the victim, not some detective trying to bust open the case or a third party telling how it is from all points. It covers some fairly terrible crimes that one would like to believe don’t actually happen in the real world. But to believe that would be to live in a fairytale. That being said, while the story is dark and dirty it’s also full of hope and humanity.

Nathan and Billy illustrate what it means to be human and how determination and the empowerment of the individual through the right support can change the world.

Through the Cracks is a fitting title for this story as it can be applied to a few different aspects of the story – the limited nature of Nathan’s world, what happens when people only focus on the big picture and don’t look too closely at the cracks in presentation and personalities, as well as the victims that fall through the cracks in the system and society.

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If you like your crime fiction with drama and grit but without the gore then Through the Cracks is one for you.

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