Time to get Buzzing

UniBuzz Home Sweet HomeYes, that’s right folks. Our much-anticipated student app UniBuzz has arrived! (Cue fanfare sound effect.) It’s available for iPhone at an app store near you and is certain to become your new BFF on campus. Or at least your second-best friend.

This little gem lets you connect with your team members for those dreaded group assignments. Let’s face it – you don’t really enjoy group assignments now do you? UniBuzz helps ease the pain by allowing you to set up private groups, instant message your group members (for free! We love free stuff), set up meeting times and even add events which link to your calendar. By events, we mean stuff like lectures, tutorials, cramming sessions and hamster-feeding hour. There’s even an electronic version of your Co-op Member card so you’re never without, and you can look up the Co-op’s hottest deals with the swipe of a finger.

But really, the best part about UniBuzz is… it keeps uni life separate from your social sites, so your fellow group members are kept at arm’s length (if you get our gist). Rest assured that all communication with your group is recorded, so if you’re stuck with a slacker who doesn’t contribute or communicate, you have evidence to show your tutors. Hallelujah!

So head to the app store quick-smart and get the latest app everyone is buzzing about!



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