Tips for Uni

Going back to uni is two parts great to one part panic. With a major to do list of subjects and stationery, it’s easy to get a little lost, no matter what year of uni you’re in. So here are a few things to remember for going back to uni for your third year:

  1. Pick your subjects early, and make note in your calendar of withdrawal or transfer dates in case the subject doesn’t live up to your expectations (some uni’s have financial or academic penalties if you leave this too late).
  2. If third year is your final year, then make sure you’re taking subjects that will enable you to graduate. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re a few credit points short. Subject co-ordinators can advise on the best classes to take and make sure everything is on track for your graduation.
  3. By third year you hopefully have mapped out the ideal timetable that works for you, get a calendar in order and  draw up this semester’s, adding some fall back options, so that way you are not stuck with an inconvenient timetable if you don’t get your first class preference.
  4. Add your social life to the calendar. There’s nothing more annoying than putting a vital lecture right over the top of your favourite club or uni activity, so schedule in time for work and play.
  5. Don’t get an 8:30am class. That’s just cruel.
  6. Stationery… it’s the eternal question of a student – is it easier to take lecture notes by hand, laptop or iPad? If you’re going digital, it’s a good idea to still keep folders and staplers on hand for any class handouts or weekly readings.
  7. Get a good book. No matter where you are (bus, boring lecture or escaping an unwanted suitor), there’ll come a time when you need to hide behind a good book.
  8. Make sure your student travel concession is up to date, your student card and Co-op membership is in order and you have money for printing on your library card.
  9. Get out and see the world! Don’t miss out on travel opportunities or the incredible experience of student exchange.
  10. Make a study list. Write a checklist of study points or topics you need to cover, this will save you time gazing out the window while wondering where to start.
  11. Get rid of unwanted clutter from last semester. Have a file system to archive your study notes from last year, they could come in handy again. Otherwise start the new uni year fresh and organised.
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