To Die For

Too often books about sustainability focus on either vast global/environmental impacts of human behaviour or on the localised impacts of corporate greed on third world communities. Personally I find these approaches depressing they leave little room for individual action and remove us from a true understanding of the impact the choices we make have on our world and other human beings.

However, To Die For is exactly the type of book I believe we need and should all read. Lucy Siegel has looked into the UK fashion industry from the perspective of her own wardrobe. Lucy examines everything from how fabrics are produced to what happens to our cast offs. In the process she examines how her choices of clothing impacts on the environment, communities, working conditions and the economies of producing countries.

While there is much doom and gloom Lucy avoids the common trap of expecting all of us to become the perfect consumer overnight. Rather she has practical and inspiring advice on how to make the best informed decisions you can about what you buy.

While the book applies to the UK fashion industry the lessons learned are easily applied to most of what we buy. I heartily recommend this book to you all.


Luke, Manager, The Co-op Bookshop SCU Lismore

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