Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An International Reader

Traditional Complementary and Integrative MedicineThe publication of Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An international reader comes at a time when many complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and therapies are coming under scrutiny and this text attempts to bring some clarity and reasoned debate to task.

The book has been divided into three main topic areas – ‘Utilisation: populations and individuals’, ‘Practice, provision and the professional interface’, and ‘Knowledge production, research design and perspectives’. Each of these sections leads the reader through several chapters rounding out a specific field of CAM in a comprehensive manner.

While several collaborators reside in Sydney, the text is international in context and referenced throughout with additional ‘further reading’ text boxes to assist supplementary indepth reading for each chapter. Of interest to me were the chapters on the potential for integrative medicine, and the role of evidence in CAM contrasting biomedical and anthropological approaches. As an educator and researcher in a specific CAM therapy, that of acupuncture, both these areas are related as the introduction of CAM will need to be evidence-based if it is to be integrated into mainstream public and private health care. The editors have done an excellent job in drawing together what is a diverse and eclectic area of academic study and research into short, condensed and scholarly chapters that can be read in a brief sitting.


Chris Zaslawski, Faculty of Science

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An international reader is edited by: Jon Adams, Gavin J. Andrews, Joanne Barnes, Alex Broom and Parker Magin.

Jon Adams is a Professor of Public Health in the Faculty of Health and the Executive Director of NORPHCAM – the Network of Researchers in the Public Health of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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This review was first published in the UTS U: Magazine November 2012.


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