Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It’s here.

It being the trailer to the new movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. The second part of the book Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and the last of the book related movies.

I know that The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner hasn’t been made into a movie, and, having read it, I really hope they never try to make it into one!

Mentioning this in conversation with some friends it sparked, as it always seems too, a heated discussion about the books and films, which got me thinking about how many different types of fans there are, and googling it brings back a lot of results (some which will make me laugh).

  •  The FANS – love the books, love the movie, and sleep in a Twilight “Team” shirt.
  • The it wasn’t that bad – these are the people who’ve read the book and took it for what it was a teen-fiction with vampires and werewolves, a bit of romance, a lot more sexual tension and a heap of teen angst.
  • The haters – hate the book (mostly Bella) and therefore refuse to see the movie.
  • and the It was a book?ers – these are the people who have seen the movies but never read the books (this group will be the people most excited for the new movie as they don’t know what’s going to happen …)
So for everyone other than the haters here’s the just released film trailer for you.

And now for the FANs here are the different Breaking Dawn editions:

Film-Tie-In Hardcover Paperback ebook Audio Book
Breaking Dawn Film Tie In Breaking Dawn Hardcover Breaking Dawn Paperback Breaking Dawn ebook Breaking Dawn Audio Book
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