Two Thieves and a Fishing Trip

 The Chicken Thief The Fishing Trip The Treasure Thief

Okay I will admit it – I have a soft spot for kids’ books. I don’t just mean Young Adult reading , I mean picture books.

No , I don’t actually have children but I do have a pretty good collection of story books.

These three books by Beatrice Rodriguez are wonderful and I mean wonderful in the true sense of the word – they are full of wonder. There is no text just pictures but the pictures are such that you don’t need to read words.

The characters are strong and funny and quirky and the story is thrilling right to the end.

You can read any of them as stand-alones but the three together are well worth a look if you have small children or if like me, you still have a child like love of pictures that tell a funny and cute story.

Guest Blogger: Kim is the Corporate Sales Representative based at but not always in-store at The Co-op UQ St Lucia

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