Unforgettable Movie Moments

Great news! The Co-op is now selling DVDs, and all at the dirt-cheap price of $5 for Members! Go hunting for a bargain – there are heaps of blockbuster classics and cinematic gems to choose from, including Beverly Hills Cop, The Kite Runner, Vanilla Sky and Pet Semetary!

To celebrate this exciting addition to our stores (and freaking cheap price point!), I’ve put together a list of just a few of my favourite movie moments. Yes, this is totally subjective, so you may not agree with them all. But I’m hoping you’ll agree with some of them! I could have gone on for days, but I know some of you have lives …

The Wizard of Oz – a whole new world

Who can forget the moment when the frightened Dorothy (and her little dog too!) lift off from the dull, sepia-toned surrounds of Kansas, fly through the nightmarish sky and land heavily into the bright and colourful new world called Oz? As Dorothy and Toto nervously tread the exciting new land, it comes alive before their eyes. This scene still delights me when I watch it, and it has been doing the same for millions of other movie-goers since the film was first released in 1939.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – The Parade

Ever wished you could just throw caution to the wind, break the rules and make yourself and everyone around you happy while you’re doing it? Well, that’s exactly what Ferris Bueller does in this unforgettable scene from the classic John Hughes film. Jumping aboard a float during a big street parade, Ferris sings and boogies along to a couple of tunes, including The Beatles “Twist and Shout”. The result? Streets full of happy dancing people!

Dirty Dancing – that lift

I’ve had the time of my life … many times thanks to this film! It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen it countless times and know every word and every moment off by heart; when Johnny (Patrick Swayze) lifts Baby (Jennifer Grey) high above his head in the middle of that aisle he steals my heart over and again. The music soars, my heart sings and all is right in the world! This scene must be one of the most loved scenes by women … and possibly one of the most despised by men, as it creates completely unrealistic expectations for them whenever they hit the dance floor.

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Forrest Gump

This film takes the viewer on an absolute emotional rollercoaster, covering everything from love, war, death and chocolates. But this scene … oh, man – it gets me every time. Forrest (Tom Hanks) and his lifelong-friend Jenny (Robin Wright-Penn) are unexpectedly reunited in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool during an anti-war rally. It still brings a tear to my eye when I watch it (yah, I’m a sucker).


The NeverEnding Story – Bye, Bye Horsie …

This is one of the first film’s that left a lasting (traumatic) impression on me, and the moment is still seared in my mind from childhood. Atreyu, a brave, adventurous boy, is on an epic mission, accompanied by his best friend and noble steed, Artax. But then something happens. Something my little mind wasn’t prepared for … Artax dies. Yeah, they KILL OFF THE HORSE. And it’s not pleasant. He doesn’t just fall asleep and not wake up. He is swallowed by a swamp of sadness. He drowns in grief. WTF is that? The thought is enough to make me well up … and perhaps for many of you, bring back horrific flashbacks of the first moment you witnessed this scene.


The Shining – a thrilling ride …

Stanley Kubrick was a master of film, and this scene (the entire movie, actually) is one of my favourites. The way the tension builds as the young Danny rides around the sparse, isolated expanse of the hotel’s hallways is brilliant. Simple yet complex, this still creeps me out now, even though I’ve seen it numerous times.

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The Dark Knight

Creepy, compelling and thoroughly entertaining, this scene highlights the acting brilliance of the late Heath Ledger, and illustrates exactly why he was awarded an Oscar for this performance as the inimitable Joker.


Pulp Fiction – Twist Contest

There are many memorable moments in Quentin Tarantino’s renowned Pulp Fiction, and none more memorable than the dance sequence between Vincent Vega (John Travolta in his comeback gig) and Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman). This scene is everything that’s great about this movie (and Quentin Tarantino as a filmmaker) – humour, randomness, brilliant dialogue and underlying references to pop culture.

Dirty Harry

It’s the scene that spawned one of the most repeated lines in history … Detective Harry (Clint Eastwood) has had a crappy morning. So, when bad dudes interrupt his lunch, he is not a happy chappy. After coolly shooting down the bank-robbing bad guys from a distance, he casually walks towards the lone surviving crim. The robber’s hand is grabbing for a nearby shotgun … until Harry opens his mouth and takes charge. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ To tell the truth, in all the excitement, I kind of lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you, punk?” Vintage, Eastwood.

An all-time classic MGM musical, this scene is bursting with joy and fun, as Gene Kelly, doing what he does best, sings, dances and taps his way through the watery streets with not a care in the world. Sit back, watch and smile.

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Jerry Maguire

From Jerry’s (Tom Cruise) frantic efforts to keep a single client on his books after being fired (he ends up with the show-me-the-money-shouting Rod Tidwell [Cuba Gooding Jnr]) to the moment he walks out of the office, goldfish in hand, this scene is pure brilliance. Unforgettable film moment and unforgettable exit monologue!


Dead Poets Society

I remember watching this over and over as a youngster and loving every minute of it. This is one of my favourite films of all time, and this scene still inspires me today.

Bridesmaids – flyin’ high

If you haven’t seen this film, get on that now! The film is literally a sequence of laugh-til-you-cry scenes, cleverly strung together by a fantastic script and brilliant performances by some of the best comediennes in the biz. It’s hard to pick a fave moment, but I’d have to say mine is “the plane scene”. I could try and explain it but I fear it won’t do it justice. This is Kristen Wiig in all her comedic glory, as she delivers the best mid-air tantrum while under the influence of booze and sleeping pills …








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