Uni-friendly snacks (that are kind to your wallet!)

You walk through the cafeteria a little hungry, but not famished. It’s three o’clock and you’ve just finished a two-hour lecture and you’re thinking of what to eat next.

“Should I treat myself to a chocolate croissant?”
“A hot chocolate?”
“A slice of that delicious caramel tart? … Oh my. It seems to be eyeing me.”

With so many choices around us and the constant bombardment of advertising for food, drinks, deals and more, what healthy and cost-friendly snacks should we choose to eat? Keep in mind that you’ll need some serious brain fuel to get you through the long hours and the dense course material! So it would be best to make informed choices on snacks for energy, concentration, and brainpower.

Here are some handy suggestions – you can find these foods at cafes, uni eateries, or make them from scratch at home:

Instead of going for snacks that are high in sugar, fat, salt, and preservatives, try:
– Veggies: Baby carrots, celery, cucumber slices and more.
– Pita chips: These are healthier than your normal pack of potato chips, but still delicious!
– Nuts: Almonds, cashews, peanuts and healthy nut or granola bars.
– Fresh fruit: Apples, bananas, oranges and strawberries, to name a few! Or mix it up with a fresh fruit salad combo.
– Dried fruits: Apricots, cranberries, apples and more.
– Wholegrain biscuits with a healthy dip or low-fat cheese: Salsa, hummus, guacamole, bean dip or a low calorie spinach dip – this is a great alternative to creamy foods!
– Natural yoghurt: Tasty, and with great health benefits!
– Dark chocolate: Aim for the great stuff with 70% cocoa for a hit of antioxidants!

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Instead of going for drinks high in sugar and caffeine, try these healthier refreshments:
– Water: Water provides the hydration your body needs to enhance learning and concentration. Plus, it has no calories!
– Freshly squeezed juice: these concoctions can boost your Vitamin C levels and are quite refreshing!
– Tea: Green, black and other herbal teas are beneficial to your health.

Bon appetit!

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