UNI TEXTBOOKS – the gift that keeps on giving

Do you have a whole heap of old uni textbooks that you no longer read, need or feed with the love they deserve? You know those dusty word-filled things you’ve got shoved under your bed or are now propping up that wobbly computer desk? Well, did you know they could earn you some cash?

All you need to do is take them into a Co-op store, see if they’re on the buyback list (we buy back thousands of different titles) and, if they are, you’ll walk out the doors with cash! No waiting required. If cash ain’t your thing or you know you’ll be buying more from the Co-op you can opt for a Co-op gift card instead. Find out more about Bucks 4 Books here.

Ok, so there are still plenty of you reading whose books are a little old or just too weathered to be bought back. Don’t worry, there are still heaps of uses for those textbook badboys. All you gotta  do is get a lcreative.

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1. Clock

If there’s one thing university students want more of, it’s time. Now you can create it using the very textbook that sucked away your hours, and let it mock you into the future (or remind you of those … ahem … happy study days) – TICK, TICK, TICK …

What you’ll need:

  • Hardcover textbook
  • Quartz-movement clock kit
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Box cutter

See these easy-to-follow instructions at Art of Manliness.





A book is the keeper of many secrets

 2. Treasure chest

The book you use for this depends on how much treasure you have to hide. If you’re lucky enough to be tripping over piles of jewels, mounds of money or bounties of jellybeans, then you probably want to select that fat textbook you complained incessantly about when you first purchased it. You know the one that nearly broke your bag everytime you lugged it around at uni?!. Also, it should really be a hardback, otherwise you’ll have to stick some hard card on the inside of the existing cover to create a sturdy lid.

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You can find super simple instructions on transforming a textbook into a secret goodies box here.




3. Plant holder

Get some oxygen into your life by transforming your old books into gorgeous and unique plant holders. Fantastic for holding succulents, bonsais, chillies or herbs.



4. Photo frame

Imagine putting your graduation picture inside a frame made from one of your old uni textbooks! Find out how to do it here and impress your friends and family for years to come!

5. Book wall/room divider

Sturdy textbooks make for fantastic foundations for a wall made of books. The height of your room divider really depends on how many books you have. The process is simple – just pile ’em up, ensuring an even balance of weight across the wall. Don’t go too high thought – it may topple on top of you and you’ll be trapped and left at the mercies of your cats until help arrives. If you really have a lot of books you may even want to have a go at making a book labyrinth such as this. Try if you dare!

aMAZEme: A Labyrinth Made from 250,000 Books from Colossal on Vimeo.


But remember, before you give any of these creative projects a go, it’s well worth your while popping into the C0-op to see if we’re buying back your old textbooks. Bucks 4 Books makes earning extra cash super easy!




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