Unique things to do for NYE

Make a resolution now – before the New Year – to do something awesome to celebrate the oncoming storm of 2014!

To help you plan, here are some great and unique New Year’s Eve ideas.

Bal Masque – have everyone come with a mask, have some spare dominoes for those who forget, and celebrate with an outdoor masked ball. Make it as formal or fun, costumed or Carnivale, as you like. As per tradition, everyone takes off their masks at the stroke of midnight.

On a boat – If you have some cash and want to a bit of a vacation, New Years cruises are incredibly popular and absolutely awesome. Not only do you get to go somewhere, like the Pacific Islands, but you can dance till dawn on the top of an enormous cruise ship in celebration. They may not have fireworks at sea but a cruise is a great way to travel cheaply and have a lot of fun.

Memory lane – celebrate the waning year with a showcase of 2013’s highlights – either play songs or display photo style montages of the year’s events, or turn it into a game and have your party guests act out all the political and entertainment drama that went down, charades style.

Let it glow – If you can get a black light, awesome, if not then a dark room for a glow in the dark party. Neon glowsticks, arm bands and sparklers will set the mood. Similarly, champagne, gold or black and white make fantastic and simple themes for NYE parties.

Progressive dinners – Have a progressive dinner, where you and a bunch of mates have drinks at a bar, entrees at one restaurant, mains at the next, dessert somewhere else. Finish in a location perfect to watch the fireworks display in your city.

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