Upcoming TV Shows Based on Books

Next season’s range of new TV shows has been named. Soon to debut on US television (and then trickle down to us Aussies), there’s an amazing range of TV shows coming, and hopefully there’ll be something as perfectly written and gripping as Breaking Bad in there. But ’til then, here’s a list of upcoming shows that have been adapted from books and comics that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Selfie – Pygmalion

Karen Gillan is Eliza Dooley, a fame obsessed young lady who becomes the sudden star of a humiliating viral video. She employs Henry Higgs (John Cho), marketing genius to save her tarnished reputation and turn her into a lady. Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, (which was then turned into My Fair Lady), #selfie culture and social media are getting a grilling in what looks like a funny and smart show!

Constantine – Hellblazer Comics

Based on the Hellblazer comics, Constantine Hellblazer (Matt Ryan) is a supernatural demon fighter and exorcist who, despite trying to retire from his madcap life, is drawn back into the fray to prevent a supernatural threat from destroying humanity. If the trailer is anything to go by, it looks like it will have the right mix of action, humour and gross out moments while spring boarding off the wealth of mythos from the Hellblazer Comics.

Agent Carter – Captain America

Set right after the events of the first Captain America film, Agent Peggy Carter (Haylee Atwell) joins the SSR and must balance secret missions for Howard Stark with her government job, and the heartbreak of losing her love, Steve Rogers. Currently, this show is still up in the air as to whether it will go ahead. But if it does, hopefully it will live up to its premise as well as the film-style of the Captain America/Avengers films. (Image from Moviepilot.com) most-to-least-anticipated-comic-book-tv-series-agent-carter-tv-series-artwork

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The Flash – The Flash Comics

The Flash is a spinoff of the CW’s Arrow series and follows Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a young and awkward scientist who get’s hit by an explosion caused by a particle accelerator. When he wakes from his coma he has superhuman speed and dedicates his life to fighting crime, while trying to solve the mysteries of his past. Similar to Arrow (giving us Oliver Queen/Green Arrow’s past), The Flash will see Barry grow from awkward kid to superhero. It certainly looks good from the trailer.

Gotham – Batman

Like The Flash, Gotham follows the young, newly orphaned Bruce Wayne and police detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as they solve crime and fight villains in Gotham. Way before Bruce grew up and put on the mask, this prequel looks incredible. Brb, fangirling.

iZombie – iZombie Graphic Novels

Liv (Rose McIvor) had a totally normal life before she became a zombie. Now she tries to hide her condition and blend in with other normal people. Once a month when she eats a brain (sorry, there really is no un-blunt way to say that) she suddenly gets the memories and thoughts of the person she’s eaten. This leads Liv to her true calling – solving unsolved murders and crimes based on the newly acquired memories. It’s a very out there premise for a show but it’s based on the successful iZombie graphic novels published by DC Comic’s Vertigo press. (image from the CW official iZombie website) izo-end-card

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