Productivity vs Procrastination

Day One: “Yes!! Two weeks of holidays! Who said life will never be fun after Jack’s death in Titanic? Well, screw you Titanic. If anything, I will be productive these holidays… starting tomorrow.”

Day Three:  “I am definitely going to complete my wicked thermodynamics report, starting tomorrow.”

Day Seven: “Oh no! The Bachelor is on. Thermodynamics can wait one more day…”

Last day of ‘Study Break’: “Noooooo! My assignment is due tomorrow and I haven’t even started. I was so organised, what happened?”

Well! Your ‘tomorrow never came’ just happened. You do not want to fall into that lazy trap above. We are all guilty of pushing away our work, and lets be honest – no one likes to work, but we can’t ignore it either, so we have to suck it up and take charge.

If you ARE going to procrastinate during your study break, do something that will be better for your career or even relationships. Spend time with your family and friends, research about your career field, brush up on your English accent, get those driving lessons, clean your room… the list goes on. Do activities that will have a positive influence on your life and others, and hopefully that growing pile of uni work will follow suit.

Anybody can sit there and watch TV, but it takes a go-getter to change the course of history. I know two weeks won’t change the history of the universe – but it can change your history, so use it wisely!

Happy mid semester break!


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