Very Hungry…

I loved reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a kid.

A major part of the book is counting and learning numbers, but that wasn’t what I liked.

The other major part is learning new foods. I definately didn’t like that (“but the caterpillar eats it” didn’t inspire me at all).

Remembering back, what I liked, and what inspired me, about the book was it’s texture (yes, books have texture).

The fact the pages weren’t all the same size, and there were holes in them broke the square book rule.  I guess you could say it’s a reading adventure.

Now there’s a new take on the 1969 book – The Very Hungry Zombie.

It follows the same path as the caterpillar, well kind of …  instead of ice cream, cheese and cherry pie, there’s, clowns, footballers and rockstars.

If, like me, you loved the original then you’ll probably get a laugh out of The Very Hungry Zombie, it could also make a good gift for the child learning to count who doesn’t scare easily (ignoring the warning on the cover).

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