VIC Premier’s Awards for Indigenous Writing

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Indigenous Writing winner was announced last Wednesday, Indigenous Literacy Day.

Congratulations to Anna Heiss, who won the award for her book Am I Black Enough For You? and will receive $20,000 in prize money. Her book, the judges said, “…is not a polemical treatise, but a plea for the respect of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and their histories,” and “invites any Australian into its pages.”

Other titles to be shortlisted included:

Purple Threads

Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane grew up on a sheep farm near Gundagai, and the stories are based on her childhood experiences in a house full of fiercely independent women, offering a unique perspective on the Australian country lifestyle.





The Boundary

Nicole Watson

When the Corrowa People fight for a native land title claim in Brisbane, and lose, Justice Bruce Brosnan is murdered – some believe it is the work of an ancient assassin. The investigation itself forces some to confront their buried heritage, and others to battle their own personal failures.


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