We Were Liars

15 Summers. 15 perfect summers spent with her rich family before everything is torn apart.

On it’s surface, We Were Liars may try to fool you into thinking it is another generic, perky American YA novel. But it is most definately not. The circle of friends and family (with gazzillions of dollars) and their private island hide a lot of sins and vices. Cadence Sinclair has her future mapped out and knows that every summer will be spent on the island. With her circle of glamorous cousins, “the Liars”, they roam the island, watch their parents fight and squabble over the inheritence, Cady slowly falls in love with Gat.

It seems that this book has a predestined plot – it’s a YA romance. Wrong. Everything changes when Cadence wakes up after a horrible accident, half drowned on the beach with no memory of the incident. She returns to the island for her 16th summer and slowly tries to piece together the parts of her life she is missing and find the truth of what really happened. However, no one in her family will tell her what happened! They claim she is too fragile, too damaged by the accident. But Cady is determined to find out. However, the truth may not always set you free…

E. Lockhart is a wonderful writer and is the master of illusion in We Were Liars. The book will make you believe that everything is normal and understandable, and then it slaps you with a perfect plot twist (for which the clues were in plain sight all along). Of course, there is no way I am saying any more than that. This book, like a few very famous movies, is best left as a surprise. It’s worth the read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s also quite short, more of a novella so it can be knocked over on a rainy weekend!

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If you’re in need of a break from dystopian YA fiction, then I highly recommend We Were Liars. It boasts amazing characters, great writing and a blend of the thriller/romance/suspense genres, which all come together to create a book that is very hard to put down!

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