Having all the right stationery – it’s a good thing

There you are, on your way to your exam, a song in your heart and your head crammed full of info, when suddenly you realise: this is a multiple choice exam and you don’t have a 2B pencil! Quel Horreur!

Yes, sadly this happened to me the other week and I had to hightail it to the Co-op, which is why I must stress how important it is to be organised!

My fail-proof uni stationery kit includes…

–          A notebook for each subject, or a cool 4 section notebook or a good iPad App, like Evernote, Notes+ or Adobe Reader to keep everything together.

–          Artline felt tip pens

–          Highlighters

–          2B pencils for multiple choice exams

–          Stapler and staples

–          Holepunch

–          Scissors

–          Diary/day planner, or again an iPad/Unibuzz App to keep my assignments and social life on track

–          Eraser and pencil sharpener

–          Pencil case to keep it all together

–          Ring binder and sleeves to keep class handouts and readings together

Generally at the start of each semester, I swing by the Co-op and stock up on all the stationery I think I’ll need, happily everything on my list is. Plus the Co-op now has Panadol, Red Bull and chocolate bars which makes a huge difference when studying! But to be honest, I have no qualms about buying more stationery whenever the mood strikes… NYC stamps? A Moleskine Notebook? Glitter gift tags? I need them all!

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