What I Miss About Uni

I admit – university can be a painful experience. A lack of sleep, eating loads of rubbish and your mind constantly ticking can, at times, turn you into a walking zombie. But, as the old cliché goes, ‘along with the bad, comes the good’. Now that it’s all over, there are definitely things I’m happy to forget and move on from. But there are also plenty of things I miss, and I think I’ll keep missing them long into the future.

Five Things I Miss About Uni

The City Buzz

I grew up in South-Western Sydney, in a suburb where there wasn’t much to do and not much excitement. So when I began uni at my city-based campus, it was an awesome experience. You know that feeling of ‘this is where I’m meant to be’? That’s what the city gave me, offering me the type of hustle and bustle I loved, overflowing with coffee shops, bars, amazing food and out-of-the-box people. The fact I’m no longer able to experience this buzz every day as a young, carefree student is something I’ll miss for a long time. Student-Discount_290x290

The Discounts

Being a student puts you into a class of society where everyone else has to give you a bit of a break. Can’t afford that meal? Oh, I’ll pay- they’re a student. Can’t go out tonight? I’ll shout- they’re a student. To put it simply, I miss people feeling sorry for me. Also, let’s not forget the student discounts, such as 2-for-1 Thai lunch, cheap beers, 15% off an entire range of onesies. It’s hard to pay full price for a onesie when you’re used to such discounted luxury.

Concession Fares

Until I finished uni, I really lacked respect for the amount I was paying for public transport. To see your fares DOUBLE in price (a bit of a rip, I know!) is enough to make one think about doing postgraduate studies.

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Coffee without the Chit Chat

Have you ever been a ‘regular’ in a coffee shop? This might sound a little ridiculous, but I miss walking into my favourite coffee shop and them knowing exactly what I wanted. I’m not much of a morning person and I like keeping my social interaction with anyone to a bare minimum before 9am. So, the fact that I was able to get my coffee without opening my mouth meant more to me than gold.

The Friendships

During my three years of studying I met a lot of people. Some I really disliked, but others became a massive part of my life, and very quickly too. Remember that realisation after high school that you won’t get to see your best friends basically every day? It hits you in the exact same way when uni comes to an end.

Guest Blogger: Bradley is an over-excited and sometimes charismatic journalism graduate from UTS. He enjoys talking people’s ears off and taking #selfies – you can connect with Brad here – Instagram: BRADBIRNIE, Facebook or LinkedIn.



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