What the Raven Saw

What the Raven SawWhat the Raven Saw is a debut novel from Australian author Samantha-Ellen Bound (who is also a bookseller in Melbourne, but sadly not for the Co-op).

It’s a bit of an usual story but a lovely read. The unusual bit is the fact is it told from the point of view of the Raven.

Raven who isn’t really a fan of other birds, or people or anything really (unless it’s food, treasure, or well him). So when a ghost boy enters his world and asks for help Raven is torn between what he wants to do and what feels he should…

We follow Raven on a journey of self discovery.  We see how the Raven wants to be happy on his own but can’t really deal with the loneliness; how change can be hard, but if you have someone you can talk to it does make things a bit easier; how judging someone on what they look like, or what you’ve heard or think they’ve done isn’t the way to go; how making new friends can be hard, but if you let someone be your friend by being a friend to them it works out okay in the end.

I enjoyed What the Raven Saw and think it would be a suitable read for upper primary and early high school kids, or adults who enjoy a fable – something good but not challenging to read.

What the Raven Saw by Samantha-Ellen Bound. Released February 2013.

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