What to Read When You’re Not a Big Reader

While we love books, we still TOTALLY understand what it’s like to not be that big of a reader. Too busy, not found a good book, just ‘not’ a reader. We’ve heard them all.

So the question is, what do you read when you don’t really like reading?

Graphic Novels

Comics, Graphic Novels and Mangas are amazing. The art is something to be marvelled over (see what I did there?) and possibly framed. The story can be just as rich as a novel and a compelling series can be created over books that are practically collectibles.


You might not feel like the emotional rollercoaster of a pulitzer novel, but Essays are incredible things. Non-fiction, fantastically edited and they’re on a topic you actually want to read about.

Get started with Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (the ENTIRE world should read her essays!!), or look for the collections of philosophical essays on TV and movies – perfect venn diagram of stuff you like and stuff people have written about. There’s Breaking Bad and Philosophy, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and more.


High school has probably filled this quota already, but there are a tonne of actually decent books out there that improve immensely when you don’t have to analyse them! Cover the basics and classics – Austen, Harper Lee, F Scott Fitzgerald.

Harry Potter

HARRY POTTER!!!!!! Seriously, if there is a book that will make you fall in love with reading, it is this one.


Never underestimate the power of glossy paper. Fashion, cars, ok sure grab one from the check out at Coles. OR you could get these beautiful, independent magazines like Womankind, Canary Press, Future Perfect, New Philosopher which are incredible. Full of amazing stories and pictures and perfect for flicking through.

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Satire books

there’s a wonderful world of parody books out there and they’re often comics, jokes, short stories. Good for when you want to be laughing, not bored!

so now…

Go forth and live and read freely!!tumblr_muj1ucavKE1sxw0pno1_500

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