What would happen if you DID drop out of uni?

Let’s face it: uni’s tough. Even for us Arts kids! As a uni student, a pretty high standard is expected of you, and often the topics you’re studying are specialised or difficult to understand.

If you’re feeling discouraged or disenchanted by your studies, it’s a great idea to get advice from advisors, lecturers and peers, or get hold of a study guide to help you succeed in class. But, if it all becomes too much, and you decide on dropping out of uni, it’s not the end of the world!

People leave uni for loads of reasons: sometimes they don’t think they’re in the right course and want time to reassess; sometimes their priorities change and they need to earn full-time or go travelling; or sometimes they just decide that uni isn’t for them. And that’s totally cool! There are heaps of jobs you can get without a degree. Real estate, lion taming, acting, beer reviewing, gymnastics instructing, and lots of other awesome careers don’t require a university education. So don’t think “I’m a uni drop-out” like it’s a bad thing!

The great thing about leaving uni is that it gives you perspective. After spending some time “on the outside”, broadening and enriching your life in other ways, you might stumble upon a passion you never expected! Then, once you’ve found it, you might rediscover a love for education and decide to go back to uni. Or you might not. Whatever, it’s all good!

So when uni’s getting you down, and you’re struggling through lectures, chin up. There are many places you can get support to continue your studies, but if you decide not to, you’ve got loads of options! I’m jealous of you already.

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