What you’re not told when starting uni…

A long time ago, a wise old person said, “Always begin a blog post with a quote from a wise old person.” More recently, my boss said, “That’s a really lame way to conceal the fact that you couldn’t write an introduction. Also, I don’t think anyone ever said that.” She’s probably right, but I think that this paragraph successfully demonstrates that starting things can be tricky.

Starting university is probably almost as hard as opening an article – unless the first thing you do at university is writing an article, in which case, RESPECT – and like all new experiences, you learn through experience. It is customary for every community to pass on the wisdom of the elders to the young and inexperienced. I suppose that this sort of happened for me, because my sister started university two years before me. Unfortunately, she was studying veterinary science, so her sagacious guidance, which included, “Don’t stand within kicking range of a horse,” and, “Don’t be fooled by appearances – Chihuahuas are vicious,” has not been particularly helpful to me as an Arts student. Thus, with the bottomless confidence of a fourth-year, I will endeavour to impart my more generally applicable wisdom, as it were. (I don’t think “as it were” contributes any meaning to that sentence – it’s just something I say to appear wise.)

Of course, I, like most students, received heaps of good advice about taking opportunities, staying organised, studying, managing assessments and so on, but there are a few things that academic advisors will never say.

Here are the top three things I wish people had told me before I started university:

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1. Non-compulsory classes are non-compulsory for a reason

2. There are heaps of people

3. Ask for things

Now that you’re an expert on starting university, check out my YouTube clip below for a musical version, (let’s face it, everything sounds better in song) then go get ’em, tiger!

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