What’s the plan, Stan?

Ok so you’re at uni for three to four years usually (let’s say six, max) before you can move onto the next stage of your life with that expensive piece of paper under your arm.

Getting through your first year is usually a breeze and it isn’t quite until your second year that you realize you might be here a while. “Sure” you say to yourself, “it’s only this year and next, then I’m done”. But in reality, time slows down to a nano-moment and what was just a review quiz has turned into a task larger than building the Great Wall of China.

With time playing tricks on you it’s best to get a hold of your time management strategies before you’re in the thick of it. Here are my top three planning tips:

Get a calendar or diary

To help keep track of time, I recommend having a diary or calendar you can use to plan ahead. Pop into your local Co-op store and have a gander at the variety of options, and if you come soon there might still be some free calendars out the front.  By using foresight you’ll have less hindsight of how awesome you could have been.

Re-read the unit outline

This might seem trivial for some of you, but it’s the same as signing an important document. Know what you’re agreeing to and when things are going to be due, read it and then read it again. Even have your friend read it to you if they are committed enough. When building a study plan the foundations of due dates are incredibly important.

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This is always a difficult part of building a time management plan.  Some people prefer to get the easy stuff out of the way first and give more time for the difficult tasks, others attempt the task they will enjoy the most first. This is of course fine, end everyone is different but usually leave the enjoyable stuff till last to help motivate you through the boring bits. Of course if you find it all boring there’s not much you can do about that except knock it over ASAP! My tip would be to manage your energy, and once you can do that, manage your time and you’ll have an effective study plan!

And another couple of tips for good luck… 

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