The meaning of life… for a student

When people ask me as a uni student, “what’s the meaning of student life?” or “what is it like going to uni?” I’m usually perplexed as to what the answer is…

All these random memories and ideas of university life pop into my head, all of which include: getting lost and being profoundly confused (most of my first year), being bored to death in lectures, making like-minded and awesome new friends along the way, awkward first time tutorials, frequent double-shot coffees as I finish off an assignment… the day before it’s due (or as with some of my friends, on the day), sleep deprivation, that cute boy on campus, juggling work and other commitments, complaining about uni to my friends, absolutely loving uni the next moment, and bleak exam periods where we all count down till the end of exam week.

And then I think back to thoughts I’ve heard from my friends as to why they are in uni… Some of these answers, as broad as they may be, include:
“To advance my career prospects and be a qualified  [insert profession]”
“To find out what I’m good at”
“I’m really interested in studying…[subject]”
And to the brutally honest and shocking:
“I’m honestly here to find a husband…”

And then it occurred to me. We will all have different paths and experiences in uni. You can’t actually have the meaning figured out because it’s something that you learn and create yourself. It’s a time to: learn, make (plenty of) mistakes, meet new and different people, be a part of different clubs and communities, ground yourself thoroughly in personal skills and your academic studies, and party insanely through the night…  all at once.

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The meaning of life of a university student?

The awesome thing is just that – you decide!

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