Wicked Business

Wicked BusinessWicked Business is book two in the latest series from Janet Evanovich*.

Picking up from where Wicked Appetite left off we join Lizzy and Diesel in their search for the second Saligia Stones, and this time the stone they are looking for with their unmentionable powers is the lust stone.

Problem is they aren’t the only unmentionables looking for the stone – once again the mysterious (and unnervingly attractive) Wulf is on the hunt, as is a new unknown unmentionable. As they follow the clues through historical Boston Lizzy and Diesel find themselves in the middle of a crime spree and once again risking life and limb.

Throw in a medieval minion, a well-meaning, but not that successful trainee witch and a monkey named Carl, and you have a recipe for a great read with increased levels of sexual tension as the power of the Saligia stone spreads…

* Janet Evanovich is best known for her “Plum” also known as the number series, the first of which, One for the Money, has been turned from book to film with Katherine Heigl starring as Stephanie Plum.

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