Wipe it away

Burt's Bees white tea facial cleansing wipesLike most girls with sensitive skin, I often find it difficult to find a product that doesn’t leave my eyes stinging or my nose and lips peeling from the harsh ingredients used in makeup remover. A girlfriend shared her Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Cleansing Wipes with me after a long night out and, much to my surprise; it was gentle on the skin and didn’t leave that funny smell.

I pulled out one super soft moist towelette and wiped away all the dirt, oil and make up that had built up during the night of dancing (even the waterproof mascara!) It even left a light tea and cucumber scent as I finished off wiping my décolletage.

The wipes definitely cleansed too leaving my skin so smooth and surely, as it promises, I will eventually have nicely toned skin – so give them a try and grab some next time your in-store or get them online here.

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